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        Company profileABOUT US

            Maga International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a Class A international forwarding agency enterprise approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China, and a Contract-Abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise awarded by Qingdao Administration for Industry and Commerce. The Company has obtained the Non-vessel Operating Common Carrier Certificate (NVOCC Certificate No.MOC-NV05029) issued by the Ministry of Communications. As an important member of Qingdao Logistics Association, Tianjin Logistics Association, China Federation of Logistics and World Cargo Alliance (WCA), Maga International Logistics Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Qingdao, has branches at several harbors around China such as Tianjin, Shanghai, and has high-quality international agency service networks in more than 40 countries all around the world. 
            The main sea transportation business of Maga is providing professional international logistics forwarding agency service for international import and export enterprises. The Company has formed an overall and one-stop logistics service system in container, special container, RO/RO, Breakbulk field which covering air transportation, land transportation, frontier delivery, custom clearance, quarantine inspection application, project logistics, logistics consultation, and logistics solution design, etc.
            To provide you the most perfect logistics solution is our mission and MAGA has gradually showed its core competitiveness in all kinds of vehicle transportation agency after more than 10 years focus development. 
            For vehicle products import and export transportation, Maga provides customer one-stop services from transportation program design to the factory in vehicle picking-up, inspection, waxing, packing, measure, customs clearance, shipping reinforcement, destination port transshipment and follow-up tracking no matter in round vehicle or KD. 
            MAGA has provided “safety, high-quality, timely” in logistics transportation services to a lot of large scale enterprises, such as SINOTRUK, SHACMAN, JAC, Shaanxi Automobile Group, Yutong Bus, Zhongtong Bus and so on. We worked on breakbulk, RO Ro transportation for over 300,000 ton and more than 50,000 TEU containers. 
            To create MAGA the world brand and excellent international logistics supplier is our goal. We have targeted at the relentless pursuit of self transcendence and constant trust from the society. MAGA will provide the logistics service through the professional and comprehensive international logistics service system, the pragmatic and innovative service concept, and the international service network in order to helping customers to build the competitive international trade.

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        Southeast Asia

        Each route has spacious accommodations and available rates. Booking with large tickets is welcome.

        Middle East

        Middle Eastern positions are quite tight and require early confirmation of positions. Large orders can be applied for separately. Dubai/Dammam/Hamad receiving goods.

        India Pakistan

        The position of India and Pakistan is very tight. Large shipments can be separately applied for freight rates. Received from Chennai/Visago/Nava/Mondra/Karachi.

        the Red Sea

        The Red Sea warehouse is quite tight, and light cargo is put in priority. If there is cargo, we will arrange booking in advance, and Jeddah/Aqaba/Sokana will receive the cargo.


        European routes will maintain freight rates until July 14, 2023. Position OPNE, apply for position in advance for actual orders.

        Mediterranean/North Africa

        Prices in the Mediterranean and North Africa have decreased by 50/100, positions have been opened, and goods have been received

        West Africa

        Freight rates will be maintained in West Africa until July 14th. HPL has the lowest freight level, but its position is tight. Other major shipowners: COSCO PIL ONE is a relatively low market shipowner, and the prices of CMA PIL MSC are adjusted accordingly based on MSK's market dynamics. West Africa focuses on ONE, COSCO, and ZIM's direct services to APAPA TINCAN TEMA LOME on Friday, with freight rates keeping up with market levels. MSK West Africa route bulk cargo can apply for special prices based on the market, and there are special prices for tire steel products. PIL will directly reach TEMA, LOME, APAPA, ONNE on Wednesday, with open positions and competitive prices.

        Central and South America

        After the middle of the year, the South American West will decrease by 100/200, while the South American East Caribbean freight rates will remain basically unchanged. If there is any goods available, please confirm the prices and storage positions separately, and apply for freight rates separately for large orders

        Southeast Africa Australia New Zealand

        East Africa: In early June, the price of Dar é was pushed up, while Mombasa slightly increased, with all direct transshipment spaces open.

        Freight for the three ports of Macau East is 250/450, with sufficient space available

        Special box

        Receiving goods in the Philippines, with some ports experiencing warehouse closures, freight rates maintained, and physical cargo separately allocated storage positions

        The price of the ocean frame is stable, and there is a shortage of space in West Africa and South America. The space is confirmed separately


        7.5-10 Shanghai Dale+Mombasa

        7.10-20 Tianjin Dalai+Mombasa

        7.5-15 TJ-LUANDA+LAGOS+TEMA

        7.15-25 LYG-COTONOU+LAGOS

        7.10-20 Tianjin - Luanda+Cotonou+Conakry

        At present, the market is unstable, and prices can fluctuate at any time. Real goods are subject to single check.

        Roll on roll installation

        East Africa: from Xinsha in Shanghai to Mombasa in Dares in late July (Maputo, Durban, Tamatav, Port Louis)

        Southeast Asia: from Shanghai Xinsha to Singapore, Laem Chabang, Klang, Jakarta in late July

        Australia: In late July, Shanghai Xinsha arrived in Brisbane, Adelaide, Fremantle, Auckland and Littleton, with tight shipping space

        Central America Caribbean: August 22nd Shanghai Direct Flight to Kingston

        South America West: The cabin has been alleviated and requires early queuing. Please inquire about the actual cargo list

        Middle East: 7.12/7.23/7.31 Shanghai/Lianyungang/Nansha to Jebel Ali, Dammam, Kuwait (Sohar Hamad can be consulted)

        air transport

        Please provide the product name, weight, size, destination port and airport, estimated delivery date for the inquiry. The air freight market has slightly increased.


        The whole country can receive the goods to Almaty Tashkent in full container of US dollars; Lianyungang Tashkent/Almaty LCL, customs clearance throughout the territory

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        中國重汽 北汽集團 江淮汽車 北奔重汽 宇通汽車 中通汽車 三一重工 陜汽 福田雷沃 中集車輛 大運汽車 廣西柳工 東風汽車 徐工